Easy-Installer + Samsung S9+

Hi All… @manoj

Has anyone used the Easy-Installer recently, and can advise what OS version it installs… ? I used it 18 months ago on a new S9+ and it installed A 8 / Oreo. It then was a near impossible task to get it to A10 / Q.

So… has Easy-Installer been updated so it auto installs a newer OS like 9/P or 10/Q on a new S9+ today… ?

Trying to help family get onto eOS, but I find the manual installs to hard to do as there is no clear newbie guides, so Easy-Installer seems like the only option, but NOT if it keeps the phone on A8/O.

Any comments very welcome…

Thanks IT VAULT :slight_smile:

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will install Q on both starlte and star2lte (S9 and S9+)

Hi @tcecyk Thx for the reply :slight_smile:

So… just to CHECK first… if it’s a new sealed box S9+ (so I assume it will be on A 8.1… I don’t have to update it to Q… just go from Boxed 8.1 to Easy-Installer and I get Q… ?

Thanks very much for the clarification…


haven’t flashed S9/S9+ - I see there were Android 10 releases for both. Support ended in March 2022 with the latest update. So I guess you should upgrade to A10 then before flashing.

Ok thank you! I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

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