Easy Installer stuck on downloading screen - Samsung S7

Congratulations Valerie!
If I where you, I would be proud of myself ^^

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Just FYI I linked this to the gitlab issue:

If any of you can comment there, please do.

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If you’re having the same problem I had, this post suggested by Piero ([HOWTO] Installer /e/ sur un smartphone Samsung avec Windows facilement) enabled me to install /e/os on my samsung S7 and S5, with the following modifications:

  • both: step 8.3 the text mentions Internal Storage and not the image, but I clicked on Internal Storage as per text
  • S5 no need to unlock OEM (the option was not available and I saw someone mention that some older versions had it by default, so gave it a shot and had no problems)
  • S7 step 8.A4 with red error messages: DO NOT select exFAT, that got my phone stuck. I had to turn it off ( Press and hold Volume Down and the Power or Side key for about 7 seconds until the device restarts), then find the stock ROM on sammobile site, flash that, then retry, this time selecting EXT2 instead of exFAT as per this thread Stuck on Teamwin Logo - #34 by rfalc)
    step 8B3, I couldn’t copy the file, tried different usb cables, no joy. Right-click properties, there was a box to unblock content coming from another computer which enabled me to copy the file.
    Best of luck…