Easy Installer wait for device

I did succeed to install E and LineageOS on a Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 before but now I guest I try to be lazy so I bought a Samsung Galaxy 8 model (SM-G950FD) but the Easy Installer don’t detect it

  • The developer mode is enabled and MTP is by default
  • On the phone side I tried by accepting the access and not with the same result, the Easy Installer simply wait for the phone
  • In Windows 10, I tried normally and to run as Administrator “Easy Installer”

On Linux (Ubuntu 20.04LTS)

  • seams to do the same thing, waiting for the device while it is clearly connected and detected to the machine

On both Windows and Linux, I use

  • the latest/beta version of Easy Installer
  • a cable USB2 with the adapter USB2-USB3
  • the phone is charged at 73%

I don’t understand what is wrong
could somebody help me please ?


by activating the USB debugging it worked :slight_smile: