Easy installer : what backup solution?


/ e / is a solution that I have been considering for a long time but that I am struggling to achieve, because of the backup of my data and the complexity of install.

Today I am lucky to have a galaxy S9 and therefore to be able to use the easy installer to install / e /. So I installed esay installer on my pc, and the recommendation before using the program is … to backup my data!
So I went to read the doc to know how to make a backup of my data, and … I am asked to install TWRP. So to root the phone. So to do something that is not really easy …

To those who used the easy installer to install / e /, how did you save your data?

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You need to distinguish between a full backup and a backup of your local data.
Full backup that you can return to the state before the /e/ installation.
Backing up local data like photos, files, downloads, etc. is mandatory anyway and not only relevant when you want to do an OS update/upgrade.

Full backup, via TWRP.
Backup the data via other tools. Local copy, Cloud, etc…


Thank you for the answer. But what good is “easy installer” if I have to root my phone manually to save my current android image? If I use it it’s like jumping into the void without a parachute.

For data backup (documents, Phone number, etc), do you have a tool to advise?

root is not necessary to backup your phone

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Maybe this is a misunderstanding. You don’t need to save your current android image.
And if you are fine with deleting all data that’s already on the phone, you don’t need to backup either (like in the case when someone flashes /e/ on a new phone they haven’t used yet).


thank you for your reply. but if i install / e / and it doesn’t work, i still need to save my current android image to roll back, right?

ok thanks i will go see

In that case you’d need to download the installation package provided by your phone manufacturer and follow their install instructions. I never had a Samsung smartphone so I can’t point to the exact downloads/instructions, though.

As a user you just wouldn’t try to backup “the image” yourself.

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Depends of your country, carrier…
Windows is recommended, but Linux or MacOS are also possible.

Try my how to, an Unified Install Guide Projet
(only works for Samsung yet !)