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I got good advice here about 2 months ago when setting up /e/ on a samsung galaxy s9. I’m really enjoying /e/ a lot. unfortunately, I’m finding that phone has some service issues with poor call quality and delayed text messages, which I don’t believe have anything to do with /e/ but instead with the phone itself.

So here I am again trying to set up /e/ this time on a google pixel 4 5G. I am using easy installer and I follow all the instructions on the screen. after enabling OEM unlocking, I press continue and I get to this screen:

meanwhile the phone screen looks like this:

the green progress bar fills all the way and then nothing else happens. No further prompts, no instruction on what to do on the phone screen end. So I’m stuck. The options available to select from the volume keys are “start” “restart bootloader” “recovery mode” “rescue mode” “BarCode” “Power off”. But again, easy installer doesn’t tell me to select any one of these. Selecting restart bootloader simply makes the phone go black for a second and then brings you back to the same screen again. selecting recovery or rescue seems to bring me to a screen on the phone with the android robot laying down, and then the only way to get out is to hold the power button down for a long time and it starts up again into regular android.

any advice on what to do next? A little bit of troubleshooting on the web showed me some people saying you need to downgrade from android 14 to android 12, but I wonder if I’m barking up the wrong tree, and if that is the problem I sadly don’t know how to go about doing that. Any help is appreciated, thanks

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I realized that since last using the easy installer, there was a new version. I uninstalled the old version and installed the latest version. I also restarted my PC and factory reset my phone to totally start from scratch. I now have a new problem. I get to this phase of the setup:

previously I got past this part but now I’m somehow stuck even earlier in the setup. the download seems to be happening, and the progress bar is filling up, then once it completes, the green dot starts bouncing back and forth on the progress bar. I can’t press continue. after a few seconds of this, a “try again” button appears. If I press it, the download seems to start over, the progress bar fills up again as the download happens, and then the same thing - a bouncing green line in the progress bar and another option to press “try again”

The image shows that Easy Installer proposes to install Android 12 (S). If your phone has Android 14 you should stop as it is not safe or wise to attempt to downgrade the phone with a custom ROM like /e/.

Incidentally this “download fails” … “Try again” is being reported by many users (the issue seems that Easy Installer cannot verify the download as latest due to a checksum mismatch).

Easy Installer (currently in testing version) will promote bramble to Android 13 (T) as part of the fix.

Please check recent threads by tapping the tags Easy Installer and easy-installer.

In your case @Galaxy9033 I suggest you review the Android 13 (T) manual install page https://doc.e.foundation/devices/bramble/install rather than consider a downgrade to Android 12 (S).

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