Easy Intall hanging! Please help

Hi guy.
Trying to install with Easy Intall with a Win10 PC, on new Samsung S9. But the proces has been stuck for 2 hours, not going anywhere.

How long is this supossed to take?
Should I restart?

For some reason it’s not downloading anything. Could I just use my laptop to download and move an image onto an SD card, and put that card in the phone to install from that image?

Two hours is longer than expected. Does your hard drive have sufficient space, I have seen it suggested you have 4GB to include some ‘headroom’. You always have to keep an eye on the device, to check that there is not something that is expected of you there! Nothing jumps out at me from your Odin mode screen.

As the last message you got was on drivers, this is what I would do.

If you are unsure if drivers are an issue you can open a Windows device manager window. You will be looking for the device appear “healthy” or with a :warning: indicating drivers required.

Windows update should fix this for you.

Continue with your install instructions with the device manager window open. There is the possibility that Windows will have installed a driver that works in the mode where the device was introduced, but fails in a subsequent booting mode. Should :warning: reappear ask Windows update to fix it for you.

Edit, seen your second question, you could do that only if you knew you had already successfully installed Recovery/TWRP.

The PC has 54GB of free space and the phone has 52.0GB free out of 52.1GB.

Devise manager tells me the devise is working properly. Driver date is the lastest installed today. Version date is 2021-02-18. And windows was all updated yesterday in preparation for today.

I don’t think that is the problem. But I will reboot both the PC and phone, and restart Easy Install from the beginning and dobument every step in the following posts.

Cool, restart Easy Installer will be no problem!

I always think with Easy Installer that it is great to keep images of every window. It then makes it easy to tell which bits completed successfully and visualise where you are in the process.

Always good to check the log before you start again (logs do not get overwritten) Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer oops … typo edit fixed.

Okay. Updating. I have rebooted both the PC and phone. Devise manager says driver is up to date.
When I tried to reboot the phone, I got the following screen.

I powered off the phone, but it restarted on it’s own with the following screen.

What should I do next?

Well done the difficult bit is done! You have successfully installed TWRP.

What should I do next?

Stop and reflect!

You can perhaps now install /e/ by SD card there may be a hazard! If the phone was on Android 10, Easy Installer had it in mind to downgrade that in preparation for Oreo (8) stable. Check the log as mentioned above, did the downgrade happen? If you install manually you must install the same Android version that is recorded as being on the phone - we were already told there was no OS, so Android 10 is likely wiped.

Only if you decide it is definately safe to change to manual at this point read [HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily

To be safest I would stay with Easy Installer.

Edit. Also worth exploring the reboot options in TWRP if you are not familiar with it. Reboot to system, there is no system, will return to TWRP Recovery again. You should be able to reboot to Odin mode if you need to from TWRP.