eBay and Family Link app doesn't work


Some Apps from E store as eBay, google FamilyLink, doesn’t work at all. They are blocked. I tried sale apps from Aurora store and i got dame issues.

Thanks for your feedback.



Try installing apps in shelter (like business profile) app. For me, only way to get ebay working was through shelter app. For some apps, like Revolut, I had to install it in shelter, and then in Magisk hide, i had to hide “com.revolut.revolut”. Now it works like any normal app.

Hi, honestly i don’t want to install this sandbox app which originally comes from Kali Linux Distro for attacking simulation. Is there any way to make Ebay app compliance and working from E OS store directly?

Then, may I ask technically what is the difference between this app and the official one from Groooogle store?

Thanks for any feedbacks.

Hi, i have the same problem, have resolved finally in some way?