Ebay Kleinanzeigen App funktioniert nicht

Dear community,
for a few days /e/OS is running my FP3. I tried to install the ebay Kleinanzeigen-App but when I open it all I can do is scroll. It doesnt react to any other instruction I try, like choosing an ad or the menu. This happens in every Version I downloaded: from the /e/-Apps-store, the aurora store and apkmirror where I also tried an older version. This never happened to me before so I ask myself - and now you - why this is happening? Do you have any clue?
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s a know issue. Ebay Kleinanzeigen will need the orignal goolag services.

Oh, I see. So, theres no chance to get it run in /e/? Because, I think I had it installed on my FP2 with FP Open OS and microG running and when I remember it right it worked. But maybe I remember it wrong, its quite a while ago

Most OS does have a lot goolag sources included, but eOS not. That’s why some apps are running under Lineage with MicroG or any other rom with MicroG but not on eOS

The only way is using the web page, but as far as I know, not all is working via web page

It’s usable, if you launch an activity directly. My launcher (kiss launcher) supports bookmarks. I can launch “ebay Kleinanzeigen: Favouriten” (favourites) directly. If I do so, I can use most parts of the APP.


Sorry for my late answer.
So, u mean when I launch EBay Kleinanzeigen a a favorite I can use it without trouble? I use Lawnchair launcher for a few days now and I havent figured out how to launch an app as favorite

You could check whether Activity Launcher (available in the Apps installer or via F-Droid) can perhaps help with this.
Despite the name it’s an App, so you can keep your launcher.

I think it should work on every launcher. In browser menu use ‘add shortcut to homescreen’. That’s all

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That’s correct.
I realise I misunderstood the “activity” part, although Activity Launcher could perhaps launch activities of the eBay App, if it offers activities.

@jenso, thanks for your advice, I SOLVED the issue as I created a shortcut on the desktop to the “Favoriten” part of the app. Means, when I open another page of the app its working. In my case the startpage is troubling because it also won’t work when I open the app through “Favoriten” so I just avoid the start page.
Thanks to you all!

Sorry if I sound stupid, but how do you do this? I think I don’t understand what you have done. And: can I do what you did on standard Bliss launcher?

Very interesting. I just solved that issue by installing version 11.6.2 and not updating it. Everything works. At least everything that worked back then.
But I might give it a try, since I’m interested in what updates there are in the app.

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With current version of firefox I can use all functions of ebay kleinanzeigen without problems. You just have once or twice to choose “use ebay kleinanzeigen web version” instead of app installation. (e.g. when trying to sign in) This option is a bit hidden because the button is small and grey. If you add kleinanzeigen to favorites in the browser it’s actually relaxing to use it. But of course, it’s not the same as using the app… (I use android 10-based eOS; result may also differ depending on firefox configuration)

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I just wanted to chime in on this thread (for my very first post!)…
I also use EbayKleinanzeigen regularly, so I was bummed to hear it might not work. Indeed, just starting up the app normally didn’t work for me at all. I could scroll the “home” site but not access the sidebar to signin (or do anything else).

But @AnotherElk 's solution seems to work fine for me! I used “Acitivity Launcher” from F-Droid and was able to launch the “search” activity. From there I was able to access everything else - my favorites, messages, ads… I also received notifications for incoming messages like normal. I haven’t tried posting ads yet, but I will bookmark this thread and post again when I do! Thanks @AnotherElk!

After latest /e/ & microg update, eBay Kleinanzeigen is still not working (v12.8.0).

Huge thank you!
I once have tested some older versions from apkmirror.com , but apparently those just weren’t old enough :sweat_smile:

Now I have working ebay classifieds again and can serve /e/os to my wife who doesn’t want her phone without it :nerd_face: