eCloud always enabled?


Sorry if it has been asked already but is eCloud always enabled on /e/OS ? I was fiddling with my new shiny phone with my new degooglified OS (this sparked joy) when suddently, I started to have notifications akin to my eCloud drive being full (this did not sparked joy). Which came a bit as a surprise as I did not remember setting anything to upload whatever. For an OS whom selling point is being google unfriendly, having a device uploading my stuff without being given the option to opt-in first (unless I missed it at first start ?) is kind of weird. I’ve never been a cloud-based solution afficionado (especially to upload musics I already have in my computer, really), and I’d like e/OS not to do that again.

Is there a way to disable any sync feature with the cloud service ? If yes what is the recommended configuration to achieve this ? I also heard without digging much about self hosted cloud, can it replace the default one which connects to a remote service ?

Thanks in advance.

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If you don’t set up an /e/ account, you can use /e/OS without the eCloud.
You can delete your /e/ account.
You can self-host the eCloud.


By default /e/ syncs, among other things, photos, videos, and music. If you have a lot of that it will quickly fill up the small amount of default space on the eDrive.

You can go into Settings → Accounts, select the /e/ account and turn on/off any of the sync toggles. Looks similar to Google’s sync settings so it should be familar.


Thanks for the replies. I disabled most sync features and it seems that it no longer upload my stuff.

Thank you. For now i deleted the account.

If this can arrive as a surprise it seems like we need perhaps more notification that this will happen.

I think I’m getting old!!! Perhaps most people are savvy to this.

Thanks again

Have a golden day.

Hello there,

It happens that my eCloud is full with only email storage, since almost no picture is saved there. Of course I could delete some emails, but I was thinking…What would happen if I disable the Mail toggle in the synchronisation settings of my /e/ account? Would it prevent me from using my email (I wouldn’t want that)? Or could I still use it, but without an eCloud backup?

As far as I know, Murena cloud mail is not a backup, it is your primary email provider.
I don’t know what this setting is for :confused:

Did you try, at first, to empty your Trash folder?

If you can get access to a computer, installing Thunderbird and adding you Murena account, you may be able to display each folder size, search for big messages, etc.

Thanks for the tips about Thunderbird, but still I’m curious about the utility of the Mail synchronisation setting…

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