Ecloud as webdav not (fully) working

Thank you! What can I get /e/ Calendar and what is (an android app)?

Your are meaning tasks ??? That’s complete different.

But this orgzyl is an notes sync app.

I’m a little confused now. The ecloud tasks ate synced out of the box with the edrive app on your phone after setup your account under ‘settings’ / ‘accounts’ / e

Hi @duns
/e/ Calendar comes by default along with the /e/OS. Which device are you using and which version of the build is running on it

Thank you! «edrive app»: what’s? Do you mean with Nexctcloud app?

Ah, ok, thank you. I don’t have yet an /e/ smartphone, but an Asus with Android 6.

Than you should use DAVx5 from f-droid. It will sync all your appointments and task and contacts

@harvey186: thank you. I have already DAVx5 (before beginning this thread :slightly_smiling_face:). Besides I see in DAVx5 cal and cards, but no tasks (even though tasks could be under “calendar”)…
@isa: thank you. I have already my tasks (on /e/ Nexcloud webdav server and synced in Thunderbird): should I convert them in a txt file? And how? And the result would be a duplication of my tasks?

Have you installed ‘tasks’ from f-droid ? That’s the app which will show you your cloud tasks

When you push the wheel in DAVx5 you will see, that your tasks will be sycned

Already installed OpenTasks and then unistalled. I have now Tasks, with whicth I see my tasks, but I dislike it. Tasks, unlike Orgzly, hasn’t had any sync problem with the server. But, sorry, I dislike it.
I have written to Orgzly support: I wait for an answer from them…
But, watching your screenshot: I don’t have that screen… It’s a screen of DAVx5 or of OpenTasks?

It’s from DAVx5 settings

I have created a notebook ‘efoundation’ in Orgzly. Than I have created a task

Than I have synced the notebooks and the new created is found in my cloud

The bad think is, that i’s synced in root folder not in ‘notes’ folder

Thanks. So Tasks/OpenTasks/Nextcloud are closer to Google tasks and todo.txt, while Orgzly is a world apart: isn’t it?
If so, I agree with you: it is an excellent app, but I believe that I leave it…
It could remain only for notes, maybe.

Thank you, @harvey186 but it is not a real task, shareable with the main tasks manager.
See my answer to @isa.

OK, I don’t know what

is meaning.

So if you think your issue is solved could you pls add to the headline of your first post [SOLVED] ?


  1. I didn’t manage changing the headline (only the first post body). How can I do?
    2)Besides Orgzly answered me, so I’d like beforehands know from them if there is a solution.

If you are in the first post, the will be a pencil direct under the headline

Yes, I saw, but the pop-up window doesn’t allow me to change nothing. It is read-only. At least…

Ok, thx for trying …

Hi @duns let us know once you hear from Orgzly support. Would be interesting to keep this thread for future reference.

Sure! I will do (if they answer :smile:).