Ecloud as webdav not (fully) working

I managed to connect my ecloud account with a) Thunderbird (on Linux Desktop, both calendar and tasks) and b) Etar (on my Asus smartphone, calendar), but I didn’t manage to connect ecloud neither a) with Dolphin webdav network (on Linux Desktop, files) nor b) with Orgzly (on my smartphone: to sync my tasks).

With Dolphin I tried as webdav server unsuccessfully.

Could you help me?
Thank you

For mail configurations you can try these settings

Email Configuration
For manual configuration, please use the following settings:

SMTP/IMAP server:
SMTP/IMAP username: your /e/ email address in full (example:
SMTP/IMAP password: your /e/ email password
SMTP port: 587, plain password, STARTTLS, requires authentication
IMAP port: 993, SSL/TLS, requires authentication
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Thank you, but my problem is not e-mail, as I have explained…
« I didn’t manage to connect ecloud neither a) with Dolphin webdav network (on Linux Desktop, files) nor b) with Orgzly (on my smartphone: to sync my tasks).»
So, my question is:

  1. what is the webdav server name I have to set in Dolphin?
  2. why Orgzly say that “notes” are empty, while there are several tasks? What is the webdav server to set for tasks with Orgzly (maybe there is a bug in Orgzly, perhaps…)

Thank you

  1. the first problem is solved: this is the webdav server
    and the folder is
  2. the second problem is still there: Orgzly (unlike Tasks, another open source app, Orgzly, in my opinion much better than Tasks, doesn’t connect correctly)
    Thank you

What if any error do you get? I can share with the developers and check if there is a fix for this.

I attache the screenshots

= «found 0 notebooks» while there are several tasks

Thank you

Thanks for sharing the screenshots … will pass on to the dev team and update on the response…

Ok, thank you very much :blush:

Use this address

There is a difference between dav andvwebdav.

Thank you: but trying with webdav I get an error message, as you can see in the following screenshot

Forgett everything behind webdav

Use the address i have posted as it is.

Done! I get this answer:

Connection successfull, but no tasks found! (as already seen, see my first screenshot above)
And in dav the same screen as above (error connecting).
It seems to me that Orgzly connect with webdav server, but not with the right folder. Or rather not the right file ( where is this file?)


Are you sure that the element you expected are in your “personal” calendar ?

Edit: may be try without “personal/” at the end of the url, just to check

I have just tried. You have to accept the screen above and start sync. Than your notes are getting synced with the cloud

I don’t know, but the last time I didn’t specify any folder (only webdav)…

Done, but I get this error:

Always this file:

Or can you try with another app like Netcloud android app, or /e/ Calendar ? they have to use the same url. So if they got result, then the issue probably comes from the app you’re using

Indeed Tasks works with /e/ webdav server, but Tasks is, in my opinion, quite ugly and useless. Nextcloud app works as well. Likely a bug in Orgzly, or rather they say (on Github) to use (upload) at the beginning the file org… But what file org? I don’t see any file downloadable in /e/ tasks website…

This will sync to your notes folder on edrive

Done! This time no error, but no notes. Ah, there is a misunderstanding: you mean files/notes, while I mean tasks