Ecloud calendars and caldav

I have a little script I use to generate calendars showing all concerts at my favorite venues, pulled from Ticketmaster’s API. Currently I’m dumping those on a Google calendar, but I would prefer to use an ecloud calendar.

I have a python module for doing caldav, and I have it working. I made an event (actually a couple, but one of them is now in the past) yesterday for testing, and it shows up.

Now, however, I have made another couple of events to test further, but they don’t show up. Has anyone else seen delays in the appearance of calendar events in caldav?

A little fiddling later, and it seems I can add stuff via caldav, and it shows up immediately, both from caldav and browser. Adding from browser does not show up, however. For me, this is not a big issue right now, but it feels strange.

Changes on the remote (server) side are synched to the phone on a time-based schedule. Default seems to be 15 minutes (at least it was on my phone). You can change these settings in the account settings.

The thing that seems to hit me isn’t sync time, but the fact that all the events created on the web (except one) do not seem to hit me caldav client at all. The events that come from the caldav script, however, show up nicelt.

This seems odd, no clue why this would happen.