eCloud data accessing by administrators

/e/llo !

As I was looking for upgrading my storage capacity in eCloud (which btw I did not found, if you have any clue), I saw that Administrators have full access to my stored data.
Arnau VP, diroots etc.

Why ? Is it possible to refuse ?


/e/ support told me that they deactivated the option to buy more storage while they run upgrades and bug fixes.

About Administrators having full access to our stored data, I also get worried, really (but more worried with crowlers getting metadata), but I think it’s not easy to design a system where those who have to keep the platform working don’t have full access to it. ProtonMail is working on one fully encrypted. But, yes, I also wish there were no need for a Admin to have access to our files.

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Interesting answer thank you. But still, I will not store my data to make it accessible to people. I wanted to support the project by upgrading my storage but I won’t if I can not avoid giving free access.

I think that the only way you get to have full access to your data is running Nextcloud in a private server (at home or in a hosting/data center). It seems quite easy. One of this days I’ll give it a try.
But with ECloud you don’t have to worry with managing your server if the reason for having a server is just to run Nextcloud for a “light” use.

Hi M.arc,

One of the administrators with access to your data here :slight_smile:

I think it’s not easy to design a system where those who have to keep the platform working don’t have full access to it.

This is the primary reason. We need to make backups, perform upgrades, reset passwords, etc.
We are planning to enable the end to end encryption plugin in the second half of the year. This will allow you to store files secured with a key only you possess while still letting us do the work of maintaining the platform.

You can also host your own ecloud or a plain Nextcloud as linked above (no e-mail server included in that case). You may also be interested in our pinned post “Security of”.

If you still want to help us, there are many ways in which you can do so:

  • become a tester or translator
  • report bugs and feature requests
  • make a donation
  • purchase an /e/ phone
  • just spread the word

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Hey. Sorry for bumping this old topic, but has this part been implemented? The /e/ Foundation admins having access to my unencrypted (or server-side encrypted) data was one of (very few) blockers for me with regards to using ecloud so if it now supports client-side encryption by default then I would be happy to give it a spin again :slight_smile:

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unfortunately it seems nextcloud E2EE app is really buggy and we have decided not to enable it anytime soon. We will instead work on some native system for /e/OS which is simply synchronized into the cloud.

See comments and negative reviews here.

You could have a look at Cryptomator, it should work with /e/Cloud and other nextclouds.