Ecloud Global and gmail

How to sync app with gmail account on it and ecloud globel?

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Make a forwarder from goolagmail to your account.

Make a autoresponder in goolagmail with info of your new address and after some month all will send there mails to your adress and you can forget your goolag mail


Thanks for quick response.
The question may not have been clearly asked, but it concerns the messages I receive on my gmail account in the app but are not synchronized with ecloud global account

That’s right, the rainloop email addon in ecloud has no access to IMAP or POP3 servers

Hello can you also explain to me how I get the photos taken with my phone (with / E / OS) into my Ecloud.Global account? (Synchronize) Some photos are synchronized but now it suddenly does not work anymore
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards Lennert

Are the pics in the same location as before ? You can try disable and re enable sync for pics.