eCloud : Migration complete! Default Storage space increased to 5GB!

Good news! our migration to new servers is completed…

User benefits

  • webmail is now available within the NextCloud web space, everything at a single address:

  • 50MB /e/ test accounts have been moved to 5GB accounts.

  • People who paid for 5GB have been moved to 20GB accounts
    Please check out the changes and let us know you comments and feedback here on the forum in case of any issues please raise them in gitlab.


just wanted to say it workes really well!!! amazing interface, and great that the storage is up to 5Gb. Applauding the developers here!!!

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I love this!!! Thanks /e/!!!
and thanks @Manoj!

The @Manoj and /e/ Developer Team!!!

Are there any plans for monthly paid storage plans? Also any plans to add office collaboration functionality? (Installing Collabora?)

You talked about a 5GB paid storage plan passed to 20GB. Where does it come from? I mean, is it a purchase to do via /e/ or directly on nextcloud?

This extra storage size was based on the contributions made by users to /e/ foundation. Users who had made a bigger contribution got of 5 GB while the default was 50 MB of free storage. For those users now with the increase in server capacity, the storage has gone up to 20 GB.
Check this post from Gaël for the details

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OK i will check gael’s post. Thank you @Manoj

@gael, I’m impressed. With 5GB of storage I will really be able to test the services online. And after a few days of testing I have to admit that everything works perfectly. That would totally justify paying a subscription!

congratulations ! Ca roxe du poney !

Keep it up! Keep it up!


Hi @Manoj, have been following this project with great interest. Have a few questions.(if it’s too much trouble, please ignore :slight_smile:)

  1. I have an invite for a test account that I didn’t use because they were only 50mb. My question is will I get a 5gb account now if I use my invitation link to sign up? I have checked that the link still takes me to sign up page.

  2. What will happen after the rebrand? Will current users get to keep the current address and be given a new domain address?

  3. Are there plans to make the app store available as an apk so for example, LineageOS users could use it too?


Hi @potato,
Let me respond to the queries one by one

Yes you should get 5GB when you sign up. It is the default free storage.

  1. [quote=“potato, post:11, topic:3100”]
    Will current users get to keep the current address

These email ID’s will continue. There will be no change in . We will only be changing the name /e/ to something more ‘pronounceable’

That is in the e roadmap. First we plan to integrate it into the ROM.


So @Manoj is this .apk available yet? I’m so excited! I gotta try it out…
Thanks have a great evening

Unfortunately not yet. No ETA’s for now.

Yes I get it! :grin:no problem.

Is it possible to sign up for a paid account?

Hi @ron yes it is. Please check the post here for details.

Thanks Manoj! I appreciate it.

Would be great if rather than one off contributions you could set up smaller regular tiered payments. For example $5 a month for an additional 10GB storage, $20 for 50GB etc (or whatever amount allows you to make some money off it for the time being).


Yes please!!! Depending on the price I would totally buy 50GB

We are currently looking into opening subscriptions for additional storage space. Hopefully should be available soon. Stay tuned!