eCloud possible issues with syncing content - please test

FWIW, I tried the above test again late last night before sleeping. Checking this morning, I see that all the photos/video from the phone sync’ed successfully overnight.

What would be good to know is if there is a default time delay that it takes for photos or anything else to sync? It seems notes and contacts are sync’d fairly quickly.

Syncing seems to be having problems again. I’ve noticed that new photos aren’t showing up in desktop under photos or in files -> photos/etc.

Any updates on this issue, a major feature, being looked into?

I did a bit of debugging with e-0.12. Per sync config in /e/ there’s an interval of 30min of syncing content and this one was crashing. That said, a charging or boot event will trigger another type of “intent” (no Android dev, sorry for terminology) and a sync will complete successfully in my observation. As I’m now on e-0.14 I’ll have another look soon. Charging was my workaround.