Edit contacts remotely from Windows PC

Is there any solution to:

  1. Install a safe (possibly open-source) APP to my /E/ phone
  2. Start an EXE on my Windows PC
  3. and it would connect to my phone via local network ,
  4. ask for a password ,
  5. and so I could edit contacts on my big keyboard easily and fast.

My last SailFishOS could do it through local Wifi + SSH. Also 15+ years ago my Nokia or SonyEricsson phones could do it easily with a direct USB connection.

Why do I need something like that?
Since I’ve moved to /E/ , and imported my .VCS file >> all my phone numbers got badly formatted.
(eg. instead of 06 xx xxx xxx >> it became 06x-xxx-xxxx so I can not see easily the district of the country or if it’s a mobile number starting with 06 20…, 06 30…, 06 50…, 06 70…,)
Also the type of the phone isn’t correct any more. The possibilities are very limited at Android compared to my prev. phones. So I have to fix those one by one. :frowning:

Editing 1500+ contacts on the phone takes tooooo much time. 40-80sec each.

Thanks in forward! :slight_smile:

MyPhoneExplorer can sync contacts with your favourite contact source on the computer, so if you perhaps already have them in the correct format on the computer, you wouldn’t have to edit them.
Or you can deal with the contacts in MyPhoneExplorer itself.
HowTo and FAQ … https://www.fjsoft.at/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11454

As it uses ADB for accessing the phone, there will be no password asked, though, you will just have to confirm this way of access on the phone.

You could also simply use a USB OTG adapter to hook up a keyboard (and a mouse) to your phone, Android supports this out of the box.