[edo][pdx203][XQ-AT51] audio issues

Hello everyone,

I recently came across this ROM and flashed it onto my device. Unfortunately, I encountered issues with both the SIM and Audio functionalities - specifically, there was no SIM detection and no audio output.

In an attempt to address the problems, I endeavored to build my own version using the source. Surprisingly, I managed to resolve the SIM detection issue by removing all components related to XQ-AT52, which successfully resolved that particular problem.

However, despite this success, I’m still grappling with the audio issue. I’ve obtained logs detailing this problem, which you can access here: Audio Issue Logs.

Moreover, even after flashing the latest version available in the download section (20231210), I’m still experiencing the audio issue alongside the persistent SIM detection error. Here are the logs following this latest update: Latest Version Logs.

An additional observation I’ve made is that both my computer and the “About” section on the device indicate XQ-AT52 instead of AT51:

Some important points to note:

  1. My model is XQ-AT51 (Single SIM variant).
  2. Audio functions correctly on the stock ROM.
  3. I’ve attempted to flash all stock versions (via XperiFirm & Emma flashtool) before re-flashing e/OS.
  4. This issue persists across various custom ROMs I’ve tried.

I have access to the necessary sources on my computer. If you have any suggestions or changes I could implement for testing purposes, please let me know and I will test as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this.

Best regards,