Eelo for older device?


I have lot (dozens) of old devices from main brands, eg samsung a3, or google manta, I wish like know if it’s possible to install eelo on it : mainly they’re all from 2010/15 and it looks like oldies devices are not supported at all…

is it possible to know how to got built images for those old devices?

thak you

Hi @lm2 welcome to the /e/ forum.

This is the list of Supported devices.

A Samsung A3 (2016) is found on the list. Initially if you look up bacon it is not found. /e/ calls bacon a “Legacy” device and is no longer actively supported. Legacy devices may have dated published builds or #unofficial-builds or #e-devices:custom-builds.

Referring to the Supported devices link above, using Seach Options, one can filter to find older devices which may be hidden by default.

thank you for your reply

in fact its the 20155 device I guess: a300FU.
Regarding the tablet, it’s a samsung GTP8110 (google nexus)

So you have

  • Samsung, Galaxy A3, a3ulte, SM-A300FU
  • Samsung, Nexus 10, manta, Nexus 10

If you were to build /e/ you would want the device tree first.
For a3ulte I find no device tree at Lineage. Unofficial from I found

Building /e/OS for Android 8, Oreo would require high level building expertise !

For manta

There is this (old, 2019) build [CUSTOM BUILD] Google Nexus 10 (manta).

Building /e/OS for Android 7, Nougat would require high level building expertise !

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