Element app installed with Apps not updating with AppLounge

Since the introduction of AppLounge, my Element app isn’t updating anymore, and is stuck in 1.4.25, while 1.4.36 is available on both PlayStore and F-Droid.

I think that it may be link to a signature issue: the currently installed version could be signed by F-Droid, while AppLounge only find the one signed by the PlayStore (or another provider). But how can I be sure of that?

I know that I can uninstall/reinstall Element, but this not a smooth experience, because of signing keys stored in the device. I’d like to avoid that :slight_smile:

you could try to look in

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > Element > Advanced > STORE

OK, it really says that it is installed from App Lounge, version 1.4.25 (im.vector.app)

Maybe App Lounge doesn’t find the latest Element version? But I don’t know how to find this.

I think that your guess that it is actually from a different source from App Lounge than it was from Apps may still be correct.

As a test, I installed Aurora Droid (it was available from App Lounge, so easier to install), and indeed, Aurora Droid – using only the F-Droid repository – suggests an update to Element (im.vector.app)

But the “strange” thing is that Element has the open source tag in App Lounge, so I was thinking that it came from F-Droid…