Elephone Trunk phone

ELEPHONE Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is naturally based in Shenzhen. Shenzhen - China’s capital of hardware. A former fishing village has been rigorously developed into a centre of innovation with government support, without regard to the rural population.

China, which has been the world’s workbench for years, is consistently expanding its economic supremacy, and the completion of the “New Silk Road” initiative threatens us with a globalization of Chinese character.

China Cables. Secret documents prove how China’s leadership interned and “re-educated” hundreds of thousands of people in a brutal camp system. This is one of the greatest human rights violations of our time.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung and its international partners evaluated the China Cables. These are the results of the research.


The Chinese government has imprisoned hundreds of thousands of members of ethnic minorities for ideological re-education.

I do not support the government of China and its henchmen and consistently avoid their products, including smartphones.

Well, I do believe it’s an added reason to release \e\ for it.

Unchain devices may help to unchain peoples.

That’s a dream. China’s government cannot be unleashed. On the contrary. They are tightening their shackles more and more. See Hongkong and current events.

…so no Chinese-based manufacturers’ smartphones unchain ?

This means there are really few alternatives…