Email app should enable 'auto zoom in' to text body width

The email app regularly opens emails in text scaled at unreadable, microscopic size.

Email conversations where previous messages have been included in the body text are zoom scaled to show as many text rows as possible, rather than suitable text width. This requires a 2 fingered zoom which seems unnecessary and is annoying.


  1. Open at a zoom set to the topmost text body’s width
  2. Enable double-click to zoom appropriately, as happens in some web browsers.

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there is an auto-fit feature, maybe it’s working against you in that particular case? not very likely, but you can try disabling it

There is a long running request to allow for switching between html and plaintext, that some times allow to get rid of bad html formatting (the unwrapped text lines you mentioned needing 2-finger zoom and scroll)

Of course, having good example emails where the client fails is good for improvements. If you’re comfortable exporting a .eml (if it’s a newsletter. You can also remove “To:” lines in the plaintext file), posting it to the k9 github referencing existing issues gives developers something to go on.


I’ve rechecked and it seems I made an error:
The long emails had hard End Of Line Carriage Returns throughout EXCEP FOR ONE LONG LINE. The entire email is scaled to this one line’s width, making all text appear minuscule.

Perhaps there is a way of recognising majority text width or recent text width (I think that some email programs convert conversations into single blocks of text, possibly stripping some header info).

I have no example to hand that is easy to send (all examples so far are private emails). Let me know if you still require an example to play with… right now I need to cook.


Any mail client that can switch to plaintext by button would help or enforce a minimum-text-size - k9 can’t do so currently. Integrating readability.js (resp. a kotlin port) could help.

I think I found a newsletter mail that needs pinch-zoom to read the text. A width=920 html-span for an image dwarfs a preceding text-block. Setting myself a reminder to make this a bugreport - but I think readability.js/.kt is superior to have a general fallback.

Realistically this is only going to get implemented if it is implemented upstream in the K- Mail app from which /e/'s app is forked.

You could try raising it in the K-9 Forums