Email client caching old mails?

I have the impression that the default K9-based Murena email client is caching emails locally on the phone.
i.e. using IMAP, mailbox server-side is empty - nevertheless when starting the client I have briefly a list of old emails in my inbox before it becomes empty again.
Any ideas how to clear the cache?

What about Settings - Apps - See all […] apps - Mail - Storage and cache - Clear cache?

Thanks for the hint - totally forgot about that option.
Done, but still didn’t solve the briefly appearing old-emails-list.

I don’t use the Mail app anymore but until some minutes ago I would have said you can configure that. I checked this now and can indeed not see an option for that. Seems that you can only limit the amount of downloaded messages by their age.

I guess this is for the situation that you don’t have a proper network connection (or you are in flight mode). You have then at least the latest mails from before and can also answer them already, you just can’t send these answers.

You could check if this depends on cyclic polling which is on by default. Connected to a POP3-Server the client MUST download the messages, so it can be that this is coupled to that cyclic polling every few minutes. A proper IMAP-Server doesn’t require cyclic polling, you can switch this completely off, the client is informed by a push notification when a new message arrives on the server and may be this feature includes that the message is not downloaded and stored locally. May be.

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Thank you for elaborating on this.
I’ll investigate.
Not that it’s a show-stopper using that app.
But I’d like to understand odd behaviour.