Email crypto: how to sign messages without encrypying them?

I would like to be able to send emails signed with my PGP key, without encrypting them.
I couldn’t find any way to do that. It seems that mails are digitally signed only when they are also encrypted (which can only be done when the recipient has a known public key)…

Follow the steps here:
After selecting your key for the account, you can enable PGP signing from the menu on the top right.
You do not get the tap on the icon selector, that’s a newer version of K-9 which hasn’t been pulled into /e/ Mail yet.

Thanks for your answer.

I should have specify that I use the default “Mail” application pre-installed on /e/, which is a fork of K-9.

The documentation you link to is exactly what I am looking for, but unfortunately, “Mail” does not have such granular options at the moment. It is only Sign+Encrypt or nothing…

Maybe I’ll try to migrate to K-9 and disable the default Mail. Thanks

I also use /e/-Mail and I have the option to sign only.

Maybe I should have been clearer with the differences. You should only follow the steps from the K-9 docs until you selected your key.
After that, you can enable PGP signing from the menu on the top right, NOT like explained in the K-9 docs.

If you migrate to K-9, use the ‘export settings’ function, that saves you some work.

Ah ok.
That’s strange because I don’t have it, but because it is because I use an old smartphone, and I don’t have the latest versions of the applications??

System version: 0.14-20210130…
Android: 7.1.2
Mail Build Version: 5.6000

I’m also on 0.14 but with Android 10. Interestingly, the Mail version is identical, so you should also have this option…
Here’s a screenshot of where the option is for me. Start writing a new message and then click on the three dots in the upper right.

I definitely don’t have this option in the menu :cry:

That’s sad.
Try the normal K-9, if you export and import your settings, the switch should be easy.

The switch was indeed easy, and K9 has the “PGP sign only” feature. There are a number of noticeable changes in the UI, but I guess I’ll get used to it. Thanks a lot for your help.