Email Migration Tool - Imapsync

Imapsync is an IMAP transfer tool. The purpose of imapsync is to migrate IMAP accounts or to backup IMAP accounts. IMAP, IMAP4 in fact (started December 1994), is one of the three current standard protocols used to access mailboxes, the two other being POP3 (started November 1988) and HTTP (started May 1996) with webmails, webmails are often tied to an IMAP server.

Imapsync Online Migration tool. Web Version


How to migrate email accounts between servers | imapsync web version (VIDEO)

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Also, OVH Mail Migrator was known to accept migrations to non-OVH IMAP accounts (may be restricted now, I didn’t use it for a while).

Whatever the tool, I strongly advise to change temporarily both passwords during migration :wink:

Please be aware that the online tool by Gilles Lamiral is not free for account with more than 3GB (€30), or multiple accounts (€120).
Maybe Murena could offer their users such a tool for free, for example using this Docker image: ?

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Yes, but you can also use an email client like Thunderbird or whatever, configure two accounts for the two mail servers side by side and then use just Drag & Drop to transfer whole folders including hundreds of mails from one server to the other. You don’t need an app for that especially since this is an action you normally do only once and not every day. Very simple thing. In the most cases you have this configuration (two accounts in one mail client) already.

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Thanks for the reminder, simple solutions are always the best :slight_smile:

But it will need a computer, and a good fast Internet link (ADSL is very poor with uploads…).
From my experience, retrying an interrupted copy/move can sometimes lead to missing or duplicates messages.
For big mailboxes, one can still use this method by renting a cheap cloud VM and installing Windows (evaluation period) or Linux distro with graphical interface.

Always great to have options, I kind of like the OVH option. So thanks for sharing! And great advice on changing passwords before migrating.

Is the OVH a free or paid service?

If Murena could offer that for free, i suspect many would make the move to Murena cloud. I’d like to think so anyway. :sweat_smile:

As far as I known, OVH is offering this service for free.

I agree with the Murena offering, @Manoj how could we forward to admins?

May be you can create a gitlab improvement issue and share the comments on it. If found feasible it could get converted into a MR and move ahead


Issue #6995 created :smiley_cat:
Please feel free to add comments or thumbs-up.


Thanks for creating the issue, have shared details on an internal developers channel to evaluate.

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Thanks @manoj ! :smiley_cat:
Hopefully will Murena be able to offer this valuable service to newcomers!

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