Email on phone and on the web do not synchronise


if I access my address on my phone and on the web…

1- the folders are different (yes, I have hit “refresh” on the phone)

2- there are items in the trash on the phone, and none on the web

Is this a known issue?

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I habe just checked on my device. I have 6 email accounts and trash is never synced. Not on, not on, not on yahoo mail, not on hotmail, not on freenet

Maybe not. But on Gmail, it is.

But you can manually sync when ever you want. only swipe from top

Not working for me…

I do have 2’wast’ folders. ‘Papierkorb’ and ‘Trash’
All items from ‘Trash’ are synced with the edrive. The items from ‘Papierkorb’ not.

Could you check if you will also have 2 ‘Wast’ folders ?

In the main view of my folders shown in your screenshot @harvey186, I only have one Trash folder but in the account settings I see two… see my screenshot.

Also, the Trash content is mostly different between the app and the web.

Did you understand/fix the behavior?

yes. one trash is local and one is the remote trash. I think the same is available for send items. Don’t know why :frowning:

Hi @Manoj, could you please check if there is a reason for the email app to store trash locally (in the local Trash folder) only?

Edit: it’s only my deleted drafts as well as my deleted emails that are older than about 50 days that appear ONLY on my phone in the K9 app in the Trash folder. the rest is fine.

It’s NOT eOS related. You do have the same with K9 and with all email accounts you have added in email app

This is what I notice:
The emails that I delete from my Inbox go in the Trash folder whether I delete it via phone or on the web. So these emails are in the Trash folder both on my phone and on the web. That’s good.
However, in the Trash folder there are emails that I only find on my phone: these are the ones that are actually drafts that probably have been deleted either automatically by the app or by me. Also the emails in the Trash folder that are older than March 1st are ONLY on my phone.

What would be a best practice in absence of trash-folder-synch ?
The Trash folder on the web is purged automatically every two month or so, I notice. So I guess I won’t toutch it. However the Trash folder in K9 keeps the deleted email, so I guess I should do a little maintenance regularly = do some manual deletion once in a while.
What do you think?