Email rejected by

Hi everyone. My eldest sent me an email yesterday who uses for Android. Never had issues before but it claimed I should contact my ISP. My ISP does not offer email, so I use my murena address regularly. The reason given for non-delivery is that ip address showed up in the chain which is blocked by them. On investigation it belongs to

Hetzner Online GmbH ISP location Finland.

What is going on?

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hetzner is just the datacenter where murena hosts its servers.

Standard procedure is forwarding the error-reply (that should contain full mail-headers the error mail quotes) to the postmaster address or any other means of contacting the helpdesk.

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I had a similar problem with emails from my server and my domain. The fault was the missing ARC header. But I was able to solve this quickly by installing rspamd.

I am using the mail app on my Fairphone 3+, not using my Desktop machine.