Email syncing is slow most of the time


It looks like murena mail servers can be very slow most of the time.

  • For example, when i open my mail account on thunderbird, it often takes a long time to load and retrieve remote modifications.

  • When I want to move a mail to another folder, I sometimes have to wait for more than 1 minute before the remote modification is applied. Thus, I have to keep my mail client open after a modification (like deleting or moving a mail) or it won’t sync on my other devices.

  • I can also notice that issue when opening a mail folder directly in the snappymail app : loading seems really long for the opening of a folder.

Do you also encounter this problem ?
Are there any solutions ?


I’m in Australia and I can confirm it’s very slow. I only access murena via a web browser, but loading email, calendar and especially office docs is very slow. e.g. opening a <50 KB document can take about 20 seconds. Compared to google drive etc which open things in probably 3-5 seconds or less. From what others have said on here I think it might be affected by - among other things - the power of the server running the nextcloud instance. I hope they improve this.