Email with attachment to google group does not arrive


I noticed this week that I did not receive a message with attachment that was sent to a google group that I am a part of with my /e/ mail. When I asked a friend to try and forward the message, she received a delivery failure email stating that the message might contain a virus (clamav: virus found: MBL_[a bunch of numbers].UNOFFICIAL).
I’ve received emails from the google group before, although not with attachments.
Is this a general problem, or does it really have something to do with this particular attachment?
Is this something I can avoid in the future, for example by allowing all emails sent to that group?

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Apparently no else is having the same/similar issues? I just experienced the same issue, did some additional trouble-shooting and googling and found what seems to be a problem with ClamAV? Is this something that /e/mail uses?

Had the same problem myself today with an email from Gmail. Something devs need to have a look at.

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