Emailtracker detected in /e/ newsletter

I have subscribed to the /e/ foundation’s newsletter for a while now.
The other day I noticed through my Proton email address that 1 tracker was blocked by default. The tracker is from ‘’ .
What does this tracker do and why is it present in the newsletter of a foundation that values privacy?

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Thanks and sorry, I thought a topic for this had been started at some point, but I wasn’t sure. I searched on “newsletter” but didn’t find anything.

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You’re right. The other topic doesn’t have the word “newsletter” anywhere. Just tough luck.

Pl can you share the newsletter date. This issue was resolved some time back.

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The latest from October 13

Older newsletters also all have a tracker from ‘’ , the oldest I have is from Aug. 4

Thanks. Will share the details with the technical team. There should be no trackers in the newsletter or any communication we send out.


I shared the information with the dev team. An issue has been created here to track and resolve this.

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Still a tracker from present in yesterday’s newsletter.

I get an error (Page Not Found) when I click on the link to Gitlab.

Thanks for informing. Had reported it the same day to the team. We are working on removing the tracker from the newsletter.


Newsletter November 17 : tracker still present.

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That is because the team has as yet not resolved the issue. Will check for an ETA.

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