Emergency Caller Location services in /e/OS

Android (as well as IOS) has an automatic “Emergency Caller Locator” function. I think it is actually branded as “Android ELS”.
This will trigger the phone to temporarily enable location services (ignoring the user setting for location services), acquire the phone location and send it to a designated recipient (each country has a different defined recipient, pushed through - I think - google play services).
This feature is used by many countries’ emergency services (they have this configured so the emergency services can automatically receive your location, when you call the emergency number).
Does any of the developers for /e/OS know if this feature is baked into the core OS (so not alterable by the /e/OS customizations), or if this is something that needs to be configured/enabled in /e/OS customizations?

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I believe this is baked into the hardware of the phone much more than any OS running on the phone.