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Hello e/OS/ Forum Team, I’m new to e/OS and have a problem that I searched in the existing forums threads and can’t find an answer.
Has someone come across this before and is there a Fix?
In SMS Messaged if I select the well hidden emoji icon, I can add emoji’s manually, but if I try and do a search in the Emoji search bar, I don’t get a keyboard.

Am I missing something here.
I’m also using Session so I tried the same with this App and its identical, the emoji’s pop up, but your can’t search for a specific emoji, need to go through all the emoji tabs until you find the one you want.

Regards Alex

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You might like the FOSS app AnySoftKeyboard. Install that and enable “Suggest Emojis by tag typing”.

Here’s what I see when I type :lad:

I learned about this app from STT - Speech to text - #21 by tcecyk

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