Enable 2 button navigation


I would like to see the 2 button navigation in /e/ - It’s seemingly in LOS17.1 & 16 official builds

Settings → System → Gestures


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I can personally confirm that while two button navigation wasn’t in the menus of LOS17, I got it working by restoring a Google backup from my stock rom to LOS17+Gapps. So, button navigation is there, but there was no menu option for it (or it was hidden somewhere)

Do you have GApps installed ? Because maybe this feature comes from the Google Play Services.

Its there as an option in out the box LOS 17 & 16 without any gapps

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This screen shot is fresh untouched LOS17 official for pixel 3, no gapps, no mods etc

I’ve also seen it with LOS17 for Samsung S9 and xaomi mi8 and mipad 4 - again no gapps

You could open an issue on our gitlab to request this feature and maybe you will have an explanation.