Enable browser search preferences, including deletion of search engines

On a GNU/Linux forum I had my attention drawn to a post that DuckDuckGo is now censoring searches so would like to see it removed from /e/spot and replaced with something like mojeek.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Any evidence for hat suggestion?

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It is even announced on their site.

I don’t really see why something should be removed because an individual doesn’t like or care for that something.
/e/Spot can be configured and Mojeek is there as an engine choice. YouTube is enabled by default, PeerTube and Invidious not. Doesn’t sit well with me but that’s my hangup.
Anyway, you can disable what is not desired and enable what is like with most any SearX instance.

Of course that requires not removing the cookie holding the preferences I suppose.

Also there is the option of just not using /e/Spot of course. You have choices but why call for taking away something from others


Nothing wrong with /e/Spot, as it uses SearX. My rant is not being able to remove/add other search engines.

Wait, I am a bit confused. Are you referring to /e/Spot or search engine choices in the Browser?
For the former I already mentioned you can configure /e/Spot to your liking, including turning off the DDG engine.
For the latter you know you can add search engines as seen in the screen shot. Just go to a search engine, do a couple of searches so Browser (or other Chromium-based) can pick it up and offer it later.

For the record I prefer Mojeek and it’s the engine I use the most. A lot of folks like and use DuckDuckGo so no reason to have it removed globally for personal/political/philosophical reasons.


Have marked as solution. Greetings fellow mojeek user!

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