Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock

Do I have to do both, through the Developer Options, and through the command line?

Steps to enable OEM Unlock through the Developer Options

Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > Search for OEM Unlock and enable

On some devices the path may be as under

Settings » System » Developer options » Search for OEM Unlock and enable

Steps to enable OEM Unlock through the command line

  • Enable USB debugging on your phone and connect it to the pc by a USB cord. The instructions for this are given above
  • Open a console window
  • Enter adb devices
  • Proceed only if your device is detected.
  • Enter adb reboot bootloader
  • Enter fastboot devices, proceed only if the device is detected
  • Enter fastboot oem unlock
  • You will be asked to confirm the request on the phone screen, select yes
  • When the process completes, type fastboot reboot and the phone will reboot normally.


Enabling OEM Unlock in the Developer options allows the unlocking.
The command line commands do the unlocking (if allowed).


Hi again! Good news!

I’m happy to say that we finally were successful in the EOS installation. Evidently I couldn’t have done it without being guided by my dear friend Mau from Mexico. So the problem was not only the one mentioned above, but there was also something that my friend found out : There were prerequisites for Microsoft window systems, regarding drivers updating. I share a screenshot and the corresponding link below.
Thanks to everyone for your help.

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