Enabling 2FA causes all sync to fail

(Using FP3)

Enabling two factor auth. wit TOTP causes all sync features on my /e/ OS phone to fail. I even could not login in on a fresh install without removing 2FA.

Deactivating TOTP as 2FA instantly fixes everything.

But for increased security for my account, i’d rather use 2FA. Are there workarounds for this issue?

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I also just activated 2FA and could not fix the sync issue. Only solution was to deactivate 2FA again :confused:

Same here, using /e/ on a galaxy s9+. Is it possible to set up an app password or something similar?

To enable your phone to sync when 2FA is enabled on your e-cloud account set up an app password in your ecloud>Settings>Security>Devices+Sessions

Enter the app password in /e/>Settings>Accounts>/e/>AccountSettings>GearWheel>Password

More details at https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/latest/user_manual/zh_CN/session_management.html


Thank you very much for this instructions. It works :slight_smile:

In addition to your guide, there’s an fairly new /e/ OS guide:

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