Encrypting Contacts


Is there a way to encrypt only Contacts data, so even via TWRP is inaccessible?


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I don’t think so. But why ?? If you want encryption, why don’t encypt the whole data ?

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Because it’s the only valuable data, at least for me and I guess for the owners of their personal data on my phone.

why don’t secure the access of the contacts app with an app locker. So you have to add a pin or pattern to access your contacts (as workaround)

Yes, that’s a good idea. I’m just thinking about TWRP as it seems to be a backdoor for removing pattern and/or getting access to personal data. I guess encrypting whole device is the most reasonable solution, though.

Have a look on f-droid. Removing the pattern is not so easy as on system

You can’t. And adding a locker to the Contacts app won’t change anything since if you install another contact app, the contact list will be accessible there.

You have to encrypt all the phone, I and recommend you to do so.
Settings > Security & location > Encryption & credentials > Encrypt phone.

What is the total cost of encrypting full phone regarding performance, accessing TWRP, doing TWRP backup or any backup of contacts SMS, etc.? Like pros and cons of encryption.
BTW: I’m on Nougat.

I have never noticed a difference in term of performance.

Sadly some phones on the supported devices list don’t have working encryption (for some it will just reboot without encrypting and for some it will force you to wipe data).

Then once the device is encrypted, for some devices TWRP won’t be able to decrypt the data partition (so no backup with TWRP).

These elements have surely ruined any desire to encrypt your phone :yum:
But when everything works, it’s a plus to have encrypted data, in case the phone is stolen for instance.

If you are afraid, you could do an entire backup with TWRP (select every box to backup everything), and if the encryption doesn’t work and force you to wipe data, use the backup.

What is your phone by the way ?

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Thanks Anonyme, all is clear for me, now. My phone is Mi 4c.