Encryption on FP3

How does encryption work on /e/OS for fp3? when I check the settings for encryption under “privacy & security” it just says “encrypted”.
When I turn on my phone it never asks for a key to decrypt data, it only asks the pin code for my sim card and then the password to unlock the phone. Is my unlock password the same as the encryption key?
Unfortunately I have had this phone for a year and I don’t remember if I have set encryption myself or if it was already set as default.


Encryption is enabled by default on the Fairphone 3/3+. Without a screen unlock method it wouldn’t help much, though, but you’ve got that covered by setting your unlock password.

Thank you. So if someone gets hold of my phone while the screen is locked will they only have encrypted data?


Unless you left the bootloader unlocked, in which case they could install any given malware onto the phone and then try to sneak it back to you to then grab your unlock password when you enter it, or to do whatever with your data after you unlocked.