eOS 0.14 Q Bug Gesture Navigation broken

Thanks for updating Moto g4 play to e 0.14 Q.
Everything works fine except Android 10 gesture navigation.

Android 10 comes with new gesture navigation support, but on /e/ when we open system>gestures , it does not show 2-button or gesture navigation option.
i.e. 3 button navigation bar can not be disabled for gesture navigation support.

Please fix it as it’s one of the essential feature of Q.

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It’s a known issue since the first Q builds of /e/ came out, see e.g. Gestures on e-0.12-q

I hope it gets fixed soon, as small form factor devices can really utilize space that lost in navigation bar.
Also it’s good for thumb too… less cramp :slight_smile:

Gesture is not present because expanded desktop feature conflicts with it, and such feature is removed in LineageOS but still present in /e/.

引用 Expanded Desktop API conflicted with AOSP gestures implementation now, and the framework part was hard to port due to big code refactor in AOSP.
Furthermore, the original implementation had a lot of issues in the past 2 android versions, for example tapping the power button or double tapping the screen did not wake up the device when Expanded Desktop was enabled, soft-key buttons did not appear when opening the keyboard and probably more.


Oh yes please,
I want to have the gestures.
At the moment it is the reason why I don’t use /e/ instead I use lineageos microg
But it is not the same.
I tried to use the old 3 button, but if you are used to the gestures it is really hard to go back.