eOS 0.16 Questions / Bugs

After the latest e Update, the weather app disappeared.
Bug or feature?

Also i noticed that when setting a Timer in the Alarm App, the Time cant be displayed. In the Notification its displayed correctly.

Improvement (is what it says here) …

Working fine for me on 0.16-q-20210415110657-dev-FP3 (Settings - About phone - Android 10 - /e/ version) with the language set to German or English (since your screenshot says translation could be involved).

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About Weather App : I’ve also seen that it was an improvement.
About setting an alarm : working fine for me (0.16-20210422111920 on FP3 in French).

LiveDispalay is now working in Day and Night. I have to wait this evening to see if automatic mode is working.
Still have clear theme in Calendar and Dialer even if dark theme is on in system.

I’m happy regarding Live Display :slight_smile:


pour information.
Les MMS ne fonctionnent toujours pas sur la version 0.16 pour FP3+ et en plus ! c’est de pire en pire. j’ai des applis qui me servent tous les jours qui ne fonctionnent plus. Visiblement je ne suis pas le seul car ils en parlent sur d’autres forum. Je commence sérieusement à en avoir marre ! j’ai envisagé de repasser sous android 10 , mais je pense que je vais être obligé de le faire !

Maintenant je dois repasser sur la version 0.15 qui visiblement me posait moins de problème.

Hello, MMS still does not work on version 0.16 for FP3 + and more! it’s getting worse. I have apps that I use every day that no longer work. Obviously I’m not the only one because they talk about it on other forums. I’m seriously starting to get sick of it! i have considered going back to android 10, but i think i will have to!

Now I have to go back to version 0.15 which obviously gave me less problem.

0.16-q-20210416110816-dev-FP3 - a later build has the behaviour @KernelPanicake describes. I can find it in e/lineage/aosp, weird, why not translate it, is the unit name deprecated and used accidentally?

e/os/android_packages_apps_DeskClock/res/values-de/strings.xml (automatically mirrored from lineage)


fix should be to replace with
<string name="seconds" msgid="6550091082396571898">"<xliff:g id="SECONDS">%1$02d</xliff:g>"</string>

am I mistaken? %1$d if no zero left-padding is wished for.

Also another thing i noticed.
Since the latest updates they seem to changed DNS Requests to be processed over netd now. I wondered why i had Problems accessing Sites or e.g. my Nextcloud.

Then i sniffed packages with PCAPDroid and saw this netd thingy.

I use AFWAll+, and theres a Option to disable netd, so the solution was to enable it under Binarydata -> DNS Proxy.

Maybe this helps people who maybe had similar Problems.

concerning DeskClock: it’s not a bug in the translation: a broken instance (think: undefined/null for name and countdown value) of a Timer is shown, only on first time use? If you delete it, next time you’ll see the input numpad to enter a countdown first.
If I clear storage/cache of the App itself, it’s not showing again, so it seems hard to reproduce beyond first-time use. How would you go to the bottom of this?

That didnt work for me at first but then my device got another OTA 2 days ago, then it worked.

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it’s tracked at backlog#3034 - and it is reproducible if timer >59 seconds apparently in the FP3 with german language setting as of writing. Can’t reproduce on a Moto “harpia” though.

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