eOS 2.0 and next : is 2-button navigation still going to be available?


From what I understood from feedback on version 2.0 that 2-button navigation does not work anymore. Is this functionality going to be repaired? Or is it the intention to drop it?

I could not figure that out from my searches.

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Lineage dropped it, /e/OS is looking into it if they keep it.


It will be dropped. With AOSP having removed it, the /e/OS developers do not see any benefit in keeping the code.


This is very not great to hear.

Gestural navigation is poorly implemented in Android and Three-Button is ancient and poor UX.

Two-Button was a nice hybrid that worked reliably.

To me, this navigation mode was a “bliss”… keeping Android’s ugly and iconic 3 buttons away…

From a user experience point of view, it would be great if such important changes could be highlighted to the user on the release note..

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Obviously other opinions are available.
Backed the wrong horse … it happens in IT, get over it.

(My first 2 smartphones were Symbian and Windows, both superior to Android then in my view, but here I find myself now, on Android :person_shrugging: . Didn’t abandon 3-button navigation, though, so not all is going wrong.)

@Manoj: Was this change known at the time of release, or did it come into view when users ran into related issues after release?


Checking with the developers. Will update on the response.

The development team wants to know on which version is it that users are facing this issue.
Based on the comments from the development team the 2 button option under System navigation works on A13 or /e/OS T builds.


That sox.
I didn’t think would be such a hard work to just keep it though O well.
I can still use 3-buttons, but 2 to me was more efficient.


Hello mihi
Care to provide a proof of that? I mean is there any announcement from Lineage OS about dropping it?
I have installed Lineage OS 21 (Android 14) on a Oneplus 5 (a few months ago) and a Sony XZ2 premium (yesterday) and the 2 button interface works just fine.

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I read it either in the weekly or in the 2.1 post.

But I guess this should also be sufficent enough as an source:

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Well, you said that Lineage OS dropped it, which I don’t think it’s the case.
I’ve read the weekly posts and the presented situation for 2 button navigation was: AOSP dropped it, Lineage OS re-implemented it and /e/ OS will probably drop it in the near future?!
I was genuinely concerned that Lineage OS announced somewhere they’re going to drop the 2 button navigation.
I can survive without the 2 button navigation, yet I don’t have to stop using it for now. It seems in v2.1 2 button navigation (almost) works on my S9+.

Google dropped it, Linage patched it back in and it is now buggy.

Here comment from Manoj in the weekly…

Not in my experience with 2 phones… I’m talking about Lineage OS. It works “perfectly”…

I don’t know what you want me to say to this. Some people are having issues, some people are not. Maybe we should ask the people with issues to jump in the sea so they don’t bother the people who are not?

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I don’t really understand what you wanted to say with your post. I’m a 2 button navigation user and I was having issues. If I’m not mistaken I was the first to report this issue here.
But to clarify my stances as far as I know /e/ OS is based on Lineage OS (which yeah it’s based on AOSP).
I guess the problem with the 2 button functionality is strictly related to the bliss Launcher as on the Lineage OS there is no problem at all (at least for the 2 phones that I have running it). And that’s why I was saying that in Lineage OS it’s working… I wasn’t bragging or making fun of others… on the contrary.
Sure Murena can do whatever they please with the /e/ OS and Bliss Launcher but the excuse that AOSP is dropping support for it is a bit slim since they are not based directly on AOSP(maybe I’m wrong ?!).
Then again it could be hard to program it in bliss launcher, although once done I don’t thick it should be modified afterwards. It was working just fine in the previous bliss launcher so I don’t know where from this problems are arising.
Maybe the number of people using 2 button navigation is really small so they don’t want to allocate resources for it.
Anyway me and (probably) many others could live with the 3 button interface (not that we HAVE to).
There are other areas much more critical where /e/ OS should focus (like multiple camera support).

Just to re-iterate the 2 button navigation is working decently in v2.1 for the S9+ (and probably for others too) on Android T so it might get to perfect in the next OTAs.

Good luck!

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Thanks for clearing that up.

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