eOS for Samsung Galaxy S10 5g - beyondx (SM-977U) USA Model/Version

Please add SM-977U (USA Model/Version) to Supported Models to your list of devices as well as your webpage for beyondx: Info about Samsung Galaxy S10 5G - beyondx. Thank you.


As for others samsung series, the G977U variant differs from the rest of the world models

as samsung is not allowed to sell devices using their own exynos processor into the USA territory, but only devices specific for USA, using qualcom processor and unlockable bootloader,

Generally, custom android systems can’t be devollopped for U variants

SM-G977U is not beyondx but beyondxq

Thank you for clarifying that. Can the Samsung galaxy s10 5g model SM-997B be used in the USA with T-Mobile LTE or 5g network?

Custom OS on Samsung devices can’t use VoLTE
Search into this forum for topics about USA compatible devices…

…some -maybe- useful (re)sources:

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I am not techy enough to know what to do with it but I do appreciate your efforts to help. :+1:

…nor me.

Why don’t try to involve someone @ XDA, then ?


Thanks for the suggestion. I returned the s105g USA version and got a s9+ international version and going to try the easy install to see how it goes with eos.

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If you are not in USA, the internationnal s9+ should work !
If you are in the USA, the lack of support for voLTE in customOS’es on Samsung device make it unusable !

To use /e/OS in USA, better is finding a compatible device

I am in the USA and did get the s9+ (sm965f/ds) thinking it would work for me after reading this article: https://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s9-s9-plus/890767-s9-plus-now-support-dual-volte-4g-simultaneously.html.

But afte reading your comment that eos does not support wifi calling or volte for s9+, that is unfortunate.

When will eos have support for wifi calling, vowifi, or volte for the s9+?

Probably never, because this is a proprietary feature in Samsung.

Better is to choose an “USA compatible device” inthe list

That is unfortunate. The reason why I chose that particular brand, Samsung, is because I am highly sensitive to emf and Samsung makes an effort to keep the emf lower than most cell phone brands. Therefore most other cell phone brands have too high of emf where I am not able to hold onto it and impacts my health negatively. I did consider the Murena One for the USA since it shows low EMF numbers but the feedback on the eos on the Murena One phone shows it has some things to work out.