eOS fresh install / difficulties to wake up phone : "interface not responding"

after a fresh install of e-2.1-s-20240603406609-stable-starlte (checksum verified with sha256) on a samsung galaxy s9, everything went perfectly fine during install; after a few minutes setting up the phone (installing fdroid nextcloud, davx5, k9, etc…) the phone started to had difficulties waking up (screen keep black), displaying “interface not responding” when finally woke up. Tried monkeying with some data caches/reboots/etc… but with no much luck so far.

any clue ?

A funny thing, while doing snapshots to show the error message, the message “interface not responding” is called “screenshot__camera.png” : the camera was not operated before…
But I can’t show screenshots since my account on this forum is new.

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Does this persist in Safe mode?

Press Power button, Long press Power off icon.

If yes you might try Factory reset. You did include Format data during the install?

It persist in safe mode,

more strange, while rebooting, the wallpaper had been displayed cut at 1/3 height with round corners : like a scroll stopped on the way. Seems like the video driver is not in good shape or bad hardware acceleration… How could I test this ?

I have another s9, on e/OS too; but not a fresh install: I had done the upgrade to e-2.1-s-20240603406609-stable-starlte yesterday, this one is perfect so far.

There is a possibility that your S9 doesn’t have the original screen (it was replaced with something similar).
I had the same problem with a Oneplus 3 where the screen would “tun on” only rarely, but if once turned on it would work without problems until next turnf off of the screen.
I had no error messages, but I guess a different ROM not taking into account the number of presses on the power buton. I actually tried to wake the phone using the flip case (and the presence sensor) but it’s the same thing.
I ended up putting back the stock ROM that had 0 issues with the screen.

It’s exact : the problematic phone has a changed “flat” screen (samsung screens are edge rouded).
Even with an open system, the way to wake up the screen is specific to a original screen ? Do we have access to this kind of setup ? : I can build a specific rom taking account of this screen, but don’t know what setting is concerned and then where to change it/them. any clues i.e. can someone tell me what/where to look to look for ?

I don’t want to discourage you but I’m afraid you won’t find the required information.
You could try to install Android T (unoffical/ community one) to see if there is any difference but chances are slim.
If I were you I’d put the original ROM back and sell it and get another one with the original screen.
Good luck!

back to stock, then reinstall /e/ also could save the thing…

It might be worth collecting a logcat. This might give a clue where the problem is.

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Sorry for asking, but why going back and forth from e/os to stock to e/os should change an hardware incompatibility ?
This phone (the black-screen-when-unlock’s one) was running the official/uptodate samsung rom until I installed e/OS 2.1 : I really don’t enjoy spending a day monkeing with phone(s) , except if I’m sure of results. I think I’ll go reinstalling stock rom to sell this disfunctionning with e/OS one, and prey to get a good screen on a new-old S9… except if you can tell me more about your intuition…

it is more a tip / trick, from experience when issue is compatibility with the hardware,
but if problem is purely hardware it wont help

I made Two logcat(s); one from the bad-screened-phone and one from the another galaxy s9 with an original screen , at the same moments: instant when button is pressed and the screen wake up (or not).
Logcat with a good screen :

06-18 16:48:16.163  5980  6088 I PowerManagerService: Powering on display group fromDozing (groupId=0, uid=1000, reason=WAKE_REASON_POWER_BUTTON, details=android.policy:POWER)...
06-18 16:48:16.163  5980  6088 I PowerManagerService: Waking up from Dozing (uid=1000, reason=WAKE_REASON_POWER_BUTTON, details=android.policy:POWER)...
06-18 16:48:16.167  5980  6016 I DisplayPowerController[0]: Blocking screen on until initial contents have been drawn.
06-18 16:48:16.168  4587  4587 I libperfmgr: Hint type not present in actions: INTERACTIVE
06-18 16:48:16.171  4639  4868 I Sensors : batch(5) - light_sensor try to batching with 200000000
06-18 16:48:16.171  4639  4868 I Sensors : LightSensor old sensor_state 16384, new sensor_state : 16896 en : 1

the phone with a bad screen:

06-18 16:44:22.561  4961  4961 D WindowManager: powerPress: eventTime=17923424 interactive=false count=0 beganFromNonInteractive=true mShortPressOnPowerBehavior=1
06-18 16:44:22.760  4961  5020 I PowerManagerService: Powering off display group due to timeout (groupId= 0, uid= 1000)...
06-18 16:44:22.761  4961  5020 I PowerManagerService: Going to sleep due to timeout (uid 1000)...
06-18 16:44:23.258  4581 15049 I keystore2: keystore2::watchdog: Watchdog thread idle -> terminating. Have a great day.

So now my next question is how can I augment “PowerManager” screen-wake up timeout so the screen had time to wake up before it goes into timeout (It’s seems that the point) ?
(I must say I’ve just dl/untared/grepped android_frameworks_base-v1-t/ from e.fundation thinking I’ll find "due to timeout " and didn’t found it anywhere… (I was thinking about find the source which produce this string "due to timeout " and perhaps a solution by my own…))

T.I.A. P.