Epic browser available on Aurora

Epic browser, made in India and the US, has released at long last their browser for Android.

Might be worth checking out, also for @Manoj and the rest of the team. Happy browsing!

what is the benefit of Epic Browser ??

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It’s a new – new on Android, it’s been around some time for Linux, Mac and Windows – Chromium-based, privacy-respecting browser with always-on private browsing mode.

It offers ad, cryptomining and tracker blocking and fingerprinting protection.

It has an encrypted file vault. It offers a free encrypted proxy that lets you choose where you want to pretend you are, choosing from 8 different countries.

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Ooh… it sounds so good, privacy protecting, and with the free proxy…
I’m just reminded somehow that ‘when you’re not paying for something, you’re the product’ … and that Chromium base? Wow! I keep thinking of its developing, parent company, and I somehow can’t be ok with even the modified version!
Anyway thank you @dotcoma for mentioning this interesting browser!

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In reality, there’s a simple way to earn money while respecting privacy: search.
It works for Duckduckgo, it works for Qwant.

I hope it will work for Epic and also for Cliqz, another browser that has been searching for a business model. This is their beta search engine (with their own index)