Erase pictures in the camera

hello. I have a oneplus 6 where I have just install the e/q.

first of all, thanks soo much for your work. I love e/

my question here is , why I cant erase a picture in the camera app when I have done one?

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If I assume you do the actions below:

  • open camera app
  • take a picture
  • click on picture preview in bottom left corner
    there is no delete option

To delete the picture you have to open the Gallery app.

Not sure if this is the expected behavior, maybe @Manoj can help

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The OpenCamera has limited options for edit or delete . At present you have to go to the gallery to delete the last photo taken as mentioned by @Dr.Detergent.
You can try installing other camera and check if they provide this feature of delete from the camera UI itself.

What date version of your oneplus 6 runs.


With Camera 1.48.1, out of box, taping the preview (back right) launch the pict/video browser where I can rename, edit, delete…

Note: I’m using Simple Gallery Pro (from F-Droid), with e-0.10-n (unofficial). I don’t remember if stock pict/video browser provides as much features…

the last one from e/

do u think that I can install oneplus camera?

thats the one that I have , and when I try to preview the picture, I can just share it