Error 429 with Accounts Manager

I was not experiencing this prior to changing my Murena account password and search does not show this error code in connection with the Accounts Manager. Taking those facts into account I don’t think it is a widespread bug.

I had to change my Murena account password, in moving a password manager db around. I think I have just failed to change it everywhere it needs to be changed. Trouble is, I am lost in the menus and don’t know what to check. I keep being presented with these error messages when my Pixel 5 tries to query my cloud account.

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Hello @signalscout,
There is the possibility to change the password in the Account manager. Maybe this is what has to be done?

You can do it as follows:

  • Open the Account manager (for this, go to Android settings > “Accounts” > Select Murena account > Select “My Account” > Select “Settings”)
  • In the now opened Account manager, choose your Murena account
  • Select the Settings symbol in the upper right corner (the “Gear” symbol)
  • Scroll down to “Authentication”. There, you should be able to change your password.

You may also take a look at the Davx5 user manual (Davx5 is the app on which the Account manager is based).

I thought I had done this, to be honest. I forced a sync just now and everything updated at the appropriate time, except photos and tasks ( rarely use tasks). I went and made some changes in both those apps and as soon as I did, they both show to have synced. I will see when the phone tries to make its periodic sync if the error message pops up again. Thank you!

I have to be missing something here. Created some test files and they are not being synced, either. Accounts>>Account Sync> tapping the three dots > “sync now” produces messages that say “Last synced todays date and current time” but don’t sync

Ok. I have now changed my password through the browser on my PC, remove my murena account on the phone, then attempted to add it back. I then copied the login credentials from my password manager and the login failed.

Other online services work from my phone, but nothing connected to my Murena account does. I saved the davx5-debug zip file. One of many. I can post it if it will help. I understand it’s Sunday :laughing:

Do you have 2-factor authentication activated for Murena Cloud? Then you need (at least for contacts & calendar sync) a device-specific password. There are corresponding instructions on the /e/OS website.

I don’t, I’m afraid. The system did allow me to add back my Murena accounts, and is syncing without delay this morning. I re-installed K9Mail and I am otherwise leaving settings alone, while making some test changes in the synced folders.

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Edit: I have made no changes since I initially wrote this post, but apparently in automatically polling to sync with the server, my phone has reported another “429 error”. I will save the log, if anybody would like to review it, or can walk me through posting it on Gitlab. As of now, my phone is not syncing properly.

Well, I suppose that removing the Murena account in the Account Manager, resetting the password, and then waiting overnight to add the Murena account back has sorted things. It will not hurt me at all to have examined the settings Stefan K referred to above. Now I know. Thank you Stefan, and Happy New Year.

Still an issue, but perhaps a smaller one. As you can see, 2FA still not enabled. The syncs at the bottom appear to have been successful, a test event made locally did carry over to the calendar in my cloud. Also a new email contact is confirmed to have synced. Now, however, I have this odd behavior pictured in the next post:

This screen usually tells me the tiny amount of my cloud storage is occupied but now this?

I am not on a free plan.

I have watched your thread over the holidays. You will know that Error 429 represents “too many requests”. This would be a warning to me (over holidays) to come back in a day or two.

In my view your story resembles your account is being held in some Safe mode (I hope).

I would avoid making further changes and contact

Thank you, I will do so.