Error 7 on Galaxy A5 2017 - Info!


I had problems to supply an A5 2017 a5y17lte with /e/ Android, so from stock to /e/ Android.
The bug was the new twrp, version, that doesn’t work with it, with a downgrade to it worked fine.

This just as an info :slight_smile:

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Hi, @anon26953564, I just wanted to confirm your Error 7 result with the latest version of TWRP. Nearly a month after your experience, the bug still seems to be there, so for the moment your solution of downgrading to version seems to be the only way to get a working recovery to install /e/. I put the zip file for a5y17lte on the SD card and then TWRP installed it with no problem.

So for others who want to try /e/ on the A5 2017, be warned!

I confirm the issue. I can’t confirm the error number.
Latest TWRP 3.4.0-0 didn’t worked. The version mentioned in the documentation 3.1.1-1 worked fine.

I had the same problem when trying to install on an S7 a few days ago. I didn’t see this thread at the time so instead tried to install LineageOS 17.1 and that worked fine with TWRP, so I’m guessing that the LineageOS team caught a change that was made in the TWRP upgrade and the /e/ team hasn’t implemented it yet.
Now that I’ve spent a few days getting my phone set up the way I like it with LineageOS I’m a bit reluctant to start over with a new install of /e/, but I’ll probably do that at some point. I do prefer the LineageOS launcher behavior though. In particular I like how you don’t have to have all your apps visible all the time; that behavior always annoyed me with the /e/ launcher. I also like how on LineageOS you can rearrange grouped icons within their group, which you can’t seem to do with /e/. Perhaps /e/ should be more focused on system work and less on developing a new UI. After all, it’s not like they have a huge team and billions of dollars at their disposal so it’s probably best to optimize resources.

Hi welcome to /e/Land,

You can choose the launcher you want, on the /e/OS version as on every others AOSP based version…
I personaly like BlissLauncher on my ePhone, But i use OpenLauncher on my eTablet, some prefer TotalLauncher or others, please have a look on the F-Droid Store

So, TWRP 3-4-0.0 is designed for android 10 version, for previous android versions you can use TWRP 3-3-1.0

Thanks for the information. I looked at some different launchers in the App Store and on F-Droid but wasn’t able to find the one used by LineageOS. I’ll have to keep investigating. I want to be sure that what I use isn’t loaded with trackers and whatnot or that defeats the whole purpose of using /e/; I’m thinking that the LineageOS launcher (I think it’s called Trebuchet?) would probably be secure but I don’t know.

I had followed the directions and links on the /e/ page for obtaining and installing the software for the S7. The link there points to the TWRP page but there’s no mention of the version incompatibility so I just used the latest version and of course that didn’t work. I’ll try again soon with the older version.
On that note, is there any word as to when the S7 will be moved to version 10? I don’t really want to reinstall (that’s easy) and then reconfigure (that’s time consuming) if I have to do it all over again in a month or so. LineageOS 17.1 seems to work quite well on the S7; the only thing that’s a bit flaky is the bluetooth and then that’s only occasionally. I think it started crashing when I tried to pair the car audio and a separate media transport controller at the same time. I stopped trying to use the transport controller and it now seems to work fine I have been using /e/ (Android 10) on an S5 for a number of months and that has constant BT crashes, so it’s of limited use as a media player in the car.

Hello, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

You could do a backup of everything in TWRP > Backup and restore your LineageOS installation quickly if needed.

The S7 just get moved to Oreo so you won’t have to re-install Pie or Android 10 in the coming months.

Thanks for the response. I might try that backup procedure, I’ll have to find a guide for it first though.

I really like the LOS launcher. I used a Samsung S5 and then an S7 with the factory launchers for years and the LOS experience is similar so I’m finding it quite comfortable. Is there a way to get that on /e/? I looked in the app store on my S5 that runs /e/ but couldn’t find Trebuchet. There were a lot of launchers but I want one I can trust otherwise it defeats the purpose of using /e/. I used Bliss for a few months and it was alright, but having used Trebuchet for about a week now I’d really prefer to stay with that. Unless of course Bliss had an option to not display all apps all the time, that would be nice. My daily apps and widgets occupy a couple of screens and the rest are just a gesture away when I need them. Perhaps the Bliss experience is a bit different on the S7 because it’s a different version. I guess I’ll have to try it to find out.

Sadly I don’t think Trebuchet is officially available.

Indeed you can’t hide apps in Bliss Launcher, but you could create a “Useless” folder and put everything you don’t want in it.

You could also install another free and open source launcher.

I found a launcher that seems pretty good so far, but it’s not in the app store and I don’t know how to check it for trackers and permissions. It seems to only be available on Github, not even on Google Play Store or F-droid.