Error during installation

Hello everyone, I have the problem that I keep getting stuck with the error message during installation → Error: failed to access to device. libusb error: -12
What’s wrong?

Phone is a Samsung SIII i9300

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hi, welcome to this forum

have you already tryed another cable, another USB port ?
on some desktop PC, rear ports are better than front ports…
you also could try another PC…

Hi hello, thank you for the welcome. Yes, I’ve already tried different ports and now have a laptop with Win 10 freshly installed. At Zadig I have a CDC abstract control model in the driver and Driver "Modem v → CDC Serial (CDC)

if you use a windows machine (and not a linux one even booted from liveUSB)
forget about heimdall, and have a go with Odin :

[HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily
[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/ (written by me)

Hi, why a French version? I’m not French but in Germany. :upside_down_face: what is “recovery-e or TWRP”?
“install the appropriate flashing tools” only Which ones?
“Check the communication between the PC and your smartphone” Yes, the S,arphone will definitely be installed and recognized on the UB port, but there is no longer an Android system on it.
““Non Vendor OS” to be installed on the device” where can I get THAT?
“Unlock the Bootloader” How? Android is no longer available.
" Flash a custom recovery manager on your device (8) install /e/ from your computer, using the “adb sideload” method" How do I do this?

the two i linked are in english, but here is one in german :

[HOWTO] /e/OS auf einem Samsung-Smartphone einfach installieren

this is developed in the linked articles.

ähm well well ??? :slightly_smiling_face:

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