Error message on every startup

Since the server change I’m getting at every start via browser the error message “file not found” (upper right side).

And how can I remove this unwanted ‘summary’ on top of files

For the "file not found’ message, you may ask eCloud admins to run a OCC “files:scan” against your account.
EDIT : it’s not clear if this error is related to a file problem; if it’s still showing after files:scan it may be related to something else (like profile data, files shared with you not available anymore, …). In this case admins could take a look at eCloud logs.
EDIT 2 : please try to remove your account picture, found a post in NextCloud forums about that …

For the summary, it can’t be tuned as per-user basis : to remove it admins would have to disable an app (Recommendations).
Tested with success on my self-hosted :
before :

after :

Thx, but nothing changed.

@Manoj could you invite the edrive admin or should I write the ?

Best is to create a bug for this in Gitlab and share the details posted here.