Error: "This app is currently unavailable!" What does this mean?

Hello, I’m trying to install “Appy Weather” via the /e/OS App Store, but every time I click Install I get an error message “This app is currently unavailable! Please try again later.” I’ve been trying again for a couple days now.

Does anyone know what this error message means? Is it likely this error will be resolved, or should I try to get the app from a different source? Is there anyone I can report this problem to?

The permissions and trackers are unavailable according to Apps on my device which is unusual.

Also, the app is a Google Design winner which to me makes it suspect re privacy.

It may be that something has changed such that micro-g can’t install it.

You can try downloading the app using Aurora Store or if available through FDroid. Some apps may not be available on the default /e/ App store. There are some code level modifications going on in the /e/App store which may take 2-3 weeks more to complete. Hopefully that should resolve such errors.


Unless the author is deliberately lying, it sounds pretty good on privacy to me:

I don’t collect or process any user data. Several companies have reached out hoping to integrate their SDK into the app. The answer every time has been consistent: not interested, as it goes against my principles. The only money I will accept is yours to upgrade your experience, and if you’re a free user, just to be clear, your data isn’t for sale either.

Good catch on the developer comment.

Maybe take a look at this report:

This app does not appear to be on F-Droid. So probably not Open Source if that’s of concern.

Maybe on Aurora.

cleanapk offers the download for Appy Weather, but the download links (universal or arm 64bit) to the xapk are 404 not found links. Maybe some cleanapk file retention logic removed the files. Something is amiss at cleanapk if the App is still offered in the search results

Aurora Store it is then